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No Time? Speed Networking Can Help

If you don’t have the time to network the ‘old-fashioned’ way, what do you do?

To move in pace with our time-driven world, we’re required to do so at one speed: faster. In this vein, you may already have heard the term ‘speed networking’. It’s a very popular and fast growing method of networking and growing your business, and fits your time-scarce needs perfectly.

How does speed networking work? It works exactly like speed dating plus musical chairs, only with none of the romantic expectations. And the cheesy music.

At a speed-networking even, participants are paired up and each one has 2-5 minutes to introduce themselves and share what they do. At the end of the period a whistle blows, the pair dissolves, and each person moves on to another person from another dissolved pair until everyone’s had a chance to meet.

It’s the modern-day solution for people who have little time to meet others, and find networking difficult. It’s also an ice-breaker and launch spot for any general networking which can follow after the initial meeting, getting around the habit of talking only to people you already know.

So you’ve booked your place in a networking meeting, but what can you do to get the most out of the session? As with all marketing for your business, preparation is vital. Continue reading No Time? Speed Networking Can Help

Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

In the process of looking for better ways to make money with your website, you probably have come across assorted techniques to do so in articles and forums on-line. Most of them are freely offered, while some are only alluded to, and actually using them would require a fee of some sort.

Now, when you’re first starting out in e-commerce or internet marketing, it’s because a) you want more money or b) you don’t have enough money and you’re trying to make more. This requires you to hold onto the funds you do have and be craftier in picking the best free methods out there to boost your website traffic. But sometimes, even the best methods out there have little tricks behind the scenes that aren’t available to the general public.

Article Writing
It’s included in every top 10 list out there on boosting web traffic: “Content Is King. So make sure you have lots of content, and after defining your niche, make sure your articles have all of the proper keywords in them before you submit them to the various article directories in your market.” Continue reading Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

10 Proven Tips for Picking A Web Host

When you’re just testing the waters with your first website as a hobby, you may rely on the recommendations of a few of your friend with sites of their own, or go with your ISP’s free services.

But when you’re looking to share your expertise with others and establish a business and profit-oriented presence on the Internet, you need to push past your worries and current knowledge, and look for a professional web hosting service, one with certain features and services.

You don’t have to worry about the technicalese and terminology, you just have to have what these terms describe. Know what you need, comparison-shop and do the research as part of the search process.

What should you look for?

Reliability and Speed
This is non-negotiable. A good bet would be a service with its own equipment and built-in redundancy in the infrastructure: high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbones, backup power generators and backup systems in place.

Most hosting companies will include their high-speed connections and system set-up as part of their service’s selling points, as well as guarantee 99% or better up-time of your web site. You can compare selling points to see what best fits your website needs. Continue reading 10 Proven Tips for Picking A Web Host

Using Website Statistics For Better Business

Why set up website statistics?

In setting up a business website or an on-line store, one of the best moves you can take to succeed is to be responsive to the changing trends and reactions of your target market. In short: you need to set up a program to analyze your website’s statistics.

Things to bear in mind:
– Don’t let math-phobia drive you off, there are lots of tools and applications available out there that will do the data collection and reporting for you, you just need to know what data is important to your business success, and how to analyze these reports.

– If it’s the expense you’re afraid of, there are free services you can sign up for, so you can test the waters without shelling out money you can use on other parts of your business.

-If it’s the fear of doing it wrong that’s stopping you, you need to know something: Everyone does it ‘wrong’ the first time. It’s called learning. The only way out of this fear is consistent exposure, also called practice.

In what ways can statistical reports help you? Continue reading Using Website Statistics For Better Business

Boost Your Content with Online Database Access

Website content, as articles, has taken center stage as web publishers scramble to differentiate their online offers. As both the quantity and quality of articles have gone up, the number and quality of online directories grew with them.

These directories often resemble mere lists, but they can be powerful content additions that serve to give more value by helping users locate critical, related resources that for the average visitor is too time consuming.

On today’s websites, it’s common to find online databases designed to provide the data-hungry website visitor with more comprehensive database management functions, which are far superior to list-style directories.

At a minimum, we find web-driven data pages that include search and display functions which facilitate quick and easy manipulation of back-end SQL databases. Continue reading Boost Your Content with Online Database Access

Moonlighting 2

Part 2 of 2

Everybody knows running your own business can make you more money, but you have to be ultra- clear-headed about your plans. After calculating initial start-up costs, overhead and projected income, it takes a lot of very hard work when you’re determined to make it on your own, without the benefits and support system that a large company can offer.

Of course you are probably more motivated and more results oriented than you would be working for someone else. You can also control your overhead better. Larger companies are not as efficient as they should be in many areas. Company policy sometimes drives up operating costs significantly.

Continue reading Moonlighting 2

Moonlighting 1

Part 1 of 2

Today’s economy is marked by fear in the workplace. People are now vividly, painfully aware of the truth that job security really is a thing of the past. In response, many have replaced their goal of job security with the idea of employment security.

This concept states that if you focus on being a valuable person and employee, with skills that are of value to an employer, you may not be guaranteed to keep your current job, but you will most certainly be able to get another one. To a large extent this will probably hold up in many situations. However it still assumes an employer – employee relationship.

The old relationship between the employer and the employee will probably be around for a long time, but it won’t be as commonplace as it is today. People who used to work in a single department in a single function for most of their professional lives are now getting used to working more on a project by project basis. In most situations they are still on the same company’s payroll, but this is already changing. Continue reading Moonlighting 1