Monthly Archives: January 2008

Dynamic Web Updates

It wasn’t that far back when being a web design wizard required little more than an understanding of a few dozen Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) tags, and perhaps modest experience with a scanner and a graphics program to generate a corporate logo image file.

The stakes are much higher now. The hobby phase is over. The Internet is a big business. Competition for visitor “hits” is enormous, as it becomes more and more difficult to get your site noticed, much less bookmarked.

Seeing that the authoring world wanted more out of HTML than a poor imitation of the printed page, web browser makers and Internet standards bodies have been expanding the capabilities of web pages at a feverish pace.

These changes allow us to make our pages more “dynamic” – pages that can “think and do” on their own, without much help from the server once they have been loaded in the browser. Continue reading Dynamic Web Updates