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How To Make Better Opt-in Pages

Making an effective opt-in pages is a vital step to get more email subscribers, leading to an increase in your membership base and a boost to your profits. The design and presentation of your opt-in pages can influence the number of people willing to join your email lists and learn more about your products.

The basic idea towards maximizing the opt-in pages is to get and steer people’s attention to the ways that your product can help them, and then persuade them to sign up. The prep-work for this involves the design of your opt-in page.

Drawing visitors into the company‚Äôs website is an important goal (part one: get their attention) but once there, visitors should be persuaded to sign up leading them to the opt-in page (part 2: get them to join). So the path to your opt-in page must be clear, attractive and prominent. If it doesn’t interfere in the overall appearance of your site, links to that opt-in should be placed on the home page as well as the other pages on your website. Continue reading How To Make Better Opt-in Pages

How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, for those new to the game, is an online marketing method that works in the same way as germs do in the flu season: you pass germs on for free, spreading like a virus. Hence the term ‘viral’.

In internet marketing and ecommerce, viral marketing is all about giving away a free version of your product or service (the ‘germ’ in this scenario) to interested people, making sure that with that particular freebie, whatever it is, your website link, your business’s contact information and email address are included or embedded somehow.

The recipients are allowed to pass it along to anyone they know that they believe would be interested in or benefit from the freebie as well — spreading the viral element in their social network.

You don’t have to push products onto people with a hard sell, or spam them, because people’s natural inclination to share the latest Big Thing or great find does it for you.

Here are some popular viral marketing methods: Continue reading How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Writing Articles For Your Business

“Oh, no. Not another business-writing article…” Stop right there. You won’t be graded. There’s no one with a red pen waiting to slash your work to ribbons, no essays and fancy compound-complex sentence construction expected. We’re not expecting you to write The One Article To End All Articles. Relax, stop twitching and just be open.

You’ve been communicating all your life, growing up, getting educated, socializing with other people. You know how to communicate, i.e, to listen and respond, to reason out things and get your point across. Article-writing is just another extension of that process, one you store on paper, or digitally. It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a ‘guru’, or ‘An Expert.’ You just have to be yourself.

When you decide to use articles to promote your self and your business, always keep a capture journal within reach. Write down the ideas that pop up as they come to you. Don’t edit, don’t filter, just write them down. The creative process needs lots of ideas to keep it bubbling, and judging ideas as ” …just too far out, what am I thinking?” weakens the momentum. Continue reading Writing Articles For Your Business

Optimizing Directory Submissions

It’s easier now to pick a low-cost and effective way to promote your products and increase your visibility via the Internet. Aside from newsletters, podcasts and free ebooks, another way to do this is to write articles for your website, and then submit them to article directories.

Directory submission is simply posting your business-related articles on article directory sites, usually with a signature or ‘author box’ that contains a back-link pointing to your site. With every article you post, you increase the chances of interested people reading your article and visiting your site to see what else they might find interesting there.

So, more visitors = higher traffic = more publicity. And unless you’re paying for someone to ghost-write the articles, you don’t have to shell out much of your carefully budgeted money.

At this point, you probably know about SEO (search engine optimization) practices and how the careful use of keywords can up your page-rank in the search engine results. Via directory submission, you can post keyword rich articles that link back to your website by means of the resource information. Continue reading Optimizing Directory Submissions

Podcasting Basics: Yes, You Can Podcast

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is simply a way of sharing audio files (content) through an RSS feed. The original meaning of podcast (the word is the offspring of a happy union between ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’) applied to audiofiles, which are most commonly served up in the MP3 format. Aside from podcasts there also vodcasts (video podcasts, or Video On Demand content), although now the word ‘podcast’ is already accepted to mean audio and video content.

Podcasting saves your subscribers’ time because they don’t need to visit your site to view the latest updates. Subscribers get your podcasts automatically downloaded into their podcasting clients (like iTunes and Podget, for example) and get to listen to them on their own time, at their own pace. They can also transfer the podcast episode to their portable player of choice to take with them wherever they go. {more}

Podcasting is different from file-sharing, direct downloads or streaming because it can be subscribed to, syndicated and automatically updated when new podcasts come in. This updating process is accomplished with an aggregator or feed reader, such as RSS or Atom, that can read feed formats. Continue reading Podcasting Basics: Yes, You Can Podcast

Teach Internet Marketing On The Fly

Many first-time internet marketers are familiar with this scenario: you type in the following search expressions in Google or your favorite search engine, and then promptly drown in the results.

  • ecommerce, ecommerce web hosting, ecommerce store
  • online business, ebusiness
  • web hosting,online store, sell online
  • affiliate marketing, network marketing

You already know how much free material is available out there (filtered from all the spam, hard-sell offers and one-time ONLY, get it NOW landing pages) on the internet.

You’ve definitely downloaded ebooks, PDF’s and audio-files (and probably even videos), signed up for newsletters and alerts, and bookmarked those “guru” sites. Then stalled as your brain froze from the massive data-dump required.

If you’ve already established a stable internet presence in your niche, you can give your customers added value and the chance to go on their own and support themselves by sharing your experience in the business. Cooperation, not competition, is the key.

How can you share what you know in our fast-forward world? Continue reading Teach Internet Marketing On The Fly

Get More Subscribers to Opt-In

It’s hard to get subscriber’s undivided attention. Attention spans are shorter, and you have ever-present competition from the emails that other businesses send. To stand out from the crowd and be distinguishable from the rest of the pack, you should make your communications to your subscribers short, to the point and easily digestible.

In a way, as an owner of an online business, it’s easier for you to do this, because your members have already signed up for your newsletters. That means they already indicated an interest the services/products you offer and what you have to say. You just have to keep them with you. The harder part is getting new members to sign-up in the first place. And to increase your membership, you need to make it easier for potential subscribers to opt-in.

In what ways can you do this?

  • Keep the email address simple: give a link in the opt-in form and on every promotional email and e-newsletter you send.
  • Include your business or company email address links on every page of your website, as well as those popular “tell a friend” links.
  • At times when images are blocked by email services because of anti-virus and fire-wall protection, every image in your emails should be alt-tagged, i.e., “Buy now”, “Subscribe here”, “Submit”, and so on.

Continue reading Get More Subscribers to Opt-In

Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

In the process of looking for better ways to make money with your website, you probably have come across assorted techniques to do so in articles and forums on-line. Most of them are freely offered, while some are only alluded to, and actually using them would require a fee of some sort.

Now, when you’re first starting out in e-commerce or internet marketing, it’s because a) you want more money or b) you don’t have enough money and you’re trying to make more. This requires you to hold onto the funds you do have and be craftier in picking the best free methods out there to boost your website traffic. But sometimes, even the best methods out there have little tricks behind the scenes that aren’t available to the general public.

Article Writing
It’s included in every top 10 list out there on boosting web traffic: “Content Is King. So make sure you have lots of content, and after defining your niche, make sure your articles have all of the proper keywords in them before you submit them to the various article directories in your market.” Continue reading Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

10 Proven Tips for Picking A Web Host

When you’re just testing the waters with your first website as a hobby, you may rely on the recommendations of a few of your friend with sites of their own, or go with your ISP’s free services.

But when you’re looking to share your expertise with others and establish a business and profit-oriented presence on the Internet, you need to push past your worries and current knowledge, and look for a professional web hosting service, one with certain features and services.

You don’t have to worry about the technicalese and terminology, you just have to have what these terms describe. Know what you need, comparison-shop and do the research as part of the search process.

What should you look for?

Reliability and Speed
This is non-negotiable. A good bet would be a service with its own equipment and built-in redundancy in the infrastructure: high-speed connections to multiple Internet backbones, backup power generators and backup systems in place.

Most hosting companies will include their high-speed connections and system set-up as part of their service’s selling points, as well as guarantee 99% or better up-time of your web site. You can compare selling points to see what best fits your website needs. Continue reading 10 Proven Tips for Picking A Web Host

Building Your Own Website

Imagine this:

  • You meet an old college friend in the mall, one you know has a very active social network and loves to shop. You get to talking about old times, and before you go on your separate ways, you hand her your card and ask her to visit your website to see your on-line clothes shop.
  • You’re a free-lance photographer. Your gallery is on-line, as are your contact numbers and information.
  • Your family is scattered all over the globe and current airfare is atrocious. You have a family website (set to members-only access, can’t be too careful nowadays).

Your website can be your showcase, your business and advertising in one, a place to welcome family, customers or people with similar interests. All it needed was planning, some research on tools, and patience… voila, your very own website! Continue reading Building Your Own Website