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Finding Your Niche

Just in case it slipped under your radar, we here at have a lot of useful advice in our blogs to help you run your business and meet your e-commerce goals.

When people decide to start and run their own business, they’re opening themselves up to a whole new world of stress.

It’s like a circus act. Where the corporate world, even with outsourcing, still usually offers a comparatively well-oiled machine with discrete units supporting each other – – for example, payroll, production, management, tech support, etc — the entrepreneur, especially when starting out, is required to wear all the hats, juggle the duties and keep his eyes on the prize…and he has to do this to lead his business into sustainability, with no guarantees of success.

What adds to the stress is having to divide your attention on the many problems that pop up in the course your chosen path.

We hope that for those of you thinking of starting out, these articles can help you decide where to place your bets, and improve your odds of success. And for those of you already on the way, these bits of advice can help refresh your memory and maybe add something new to your know-how.
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