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Measuring Your Website’s Success

When you’re truly intent on making your site successful, you need to define your terms for success. There’s nothing crazier than running after something when you’re not sure you want it — but since it’s there anyway, why the heck not?– and getting it, then not knowing what you want it for.

What can be crazier is getting it and not knowing what you want to do with it, or where you want to go with it. Action for action’s sake gets you nowhere. You want to be successful, fine. What is success to you?


To flesh out the big picture, first we need the broad strokes to outline the issues.

“Why do you have a website?”
The answer to this determines the intent. A website is a place on the internet, one that establishes your presence on the world-wide web. There are no geographical boundaries, and you are only limited by the language you use. In any case, English being a global medium, even that is a weak barrier to communication.

So, presence. Presence means communication. Presence says, “I AM HERE.” Thus, a burning second question:

“Now that you’re here, what do you have to say?”

To communicate means passing a message on. What’s your message? You want to talk, what do you mostly talk about? What drives you to plunk down on a spot by the information highway and hold up a placard saying, “Hey, will talk for free!”? Continue reading Measuring Your Website’s Success