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Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In

When people are looking for something they need and in the process stumble on something they want, they can come up with a lot of reasons in very little time to go get it.

Heck, most times people aren’t even looking for anything in particular when the zing! hits them. That’s because desire is a visceral reaction,welling up in an all-over burst of “OooOooh!” that races past your usual filters and excitedly waves in your face. “Hey, look, look there, see? See?” So you look, harder. Boom.

  • Pretty! Want.
  • Cool! Want.
  • Sa-WEEET! Want.

You get all excited in that sudden swell of longing, and your logical mind just tags along for the ride, telling you “Hey, this is great! We need this.” Then your stimulated brain comes up with all sorts of reasons why you do need it, and more often than not, you buy it.

Admit it, you know this happened to you at one point or another.

And that’s the thing. It’s not just you. It’s everyone. It’s a human thing, and one you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur, because knowing is half the battle, and using this knowledge is the other half. Continue reading Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In

5 Steps To More Sales and Better Salesmanship

When you’re anxious-excited or crazy-nervous about making your online business into a successful enterprise, you can do an incredible amount of work trying to sell your product.

  • You subscribe to the newsletters and get the free reports. And you actually read through all of them.
  • You watch all those videos explaining the secrets of the masterminds of marketing and you attend their webinars.
  • Aside from book-marking websites like a fiend, you even make flow-charts explaining the sales process — with special notes underneath each step spelling out what you can say to put the customer at ease and be more open to buying.

So you research and you test, and the more you practice the easier it gets for you to deal with the marketing and promotional area of your operation, but somehow the sales part isn’t quite doing as well as you think it could. What do you do?

Remember that you are dealing with people. Real life doesn’t come with a script. You may catch a prospect on a rare bad day…or you may be the one having a bad day.

  • Maybe it’s the weather where they are, heat can sometimes make people snappish and stressed out. Not for nothing do we often inject “How’s the weather?” to keep a conversation flowing.
  • Maybe it was the traffic on the way to work that day . Maybe you got some family news that you can’t get out of your head. Maybe they got personal issues that are taking up their attention. You just don’t know, you know?

How do you respond to your prospects then? Continue reading 5 Steps To More Sales and Better Salesmanship