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Marketing Your Brand With Ezines

28 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

Have you ever thought of making an e-zine to spread the word about your brand?

An e-zine is an electronic magazine, like a little pocket full of content that can quickly and easily be shared from person to person as much as forwarded emails are. Many paper/dead-tree magazines also have digital editions to take advantage of today’s tablet-rich consumer environment. For example, look at Time, Sports Illustrated, GQ and People magazine.

Publishing survives because of advertising and subscriptions. When publishers of popular magazines decided to venture into online digital versions of their original product line, they establish an online and offline presence that lets them take advantage of new (to them) technology.

Ebooks and ebook readers paved the way for ezines to gain mainstream acceptance, and for cross-pollination to occur, since there are ezines that also ventures into print edition. Either way, an online and offline version of content can only spread the influence of the magazine’s brand –as well as the advertiser’s products in it.

For a purely online business, an ezine can help spread the word about what your customers can do with your products farther, faster, and cheaper than traditional methods. With an ezine, you can promote your website with back links to your site, with direct links to your products for one click orders.

How do you lessen the production load?
Join up with others in your niche, people you can trust, and move towards a common goal. Forging agreements where people also pay you to let them advertise their products in your ezine can also lessen the costs of producing it, and provide additional income.

Promoting each others’ products, sharing relevant information, lessons, and tips also fosters community, and a robust support system, a vital aspect to ensuring good relationships with others and a healthy business online. Continue reading Marketing Your Brand With Ezines

Permission Marketing: When They Click ‘Yes’

14 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

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Odds are good that at least once in your life you joined someone’s mailing list when you signed up for a particular online service or wanted to find out more about a subject you find interesting. Many online forums, research institutes and some online newspapers need a valid email address to send your initial log-in details and passwords. A lot of sites nowadays also require some sort of log-in to comment. All these little exchanges of access for your email information falls under the banner of permission marketing.

Permission marketing is asking your target market and site visitors for their permission and getting them to agree to certain actions:

  • That you can include them in your mailing list to send them newsletters and other relevant bits of information and news.
  • That you can email them about updates, topic-relevant tips and promos, coupons, upcoming special events etc.

Basically, that you can send them information and invite them to do stuff. It’s as easy as setting up a Click here! link or an opt-in box for capturing your visitor’s email addresses. Continue reading Permission Marketing: When They Click ‘Yes’

Quality First: Looking Past Page Ranking

07 June 2013, by A. Cedilla

Sometimes in the push to get more visitors to your website, on slow days you might find yourself sitting in a corner of your office after checking your site metrics, muttering darkly about page rankings and comparative quality of content. You work hard to find the best writers for your website content, push to provide quality products, service and support, post testimonials, use the best keywords, and yet, and yet….*mutter-mutter*

On those days, try to look at things from another point of view. Actually, a million-million points of view.

You are doing business on the world wide web.  Something that has billions of virtual connections, intersections and rootlets, and thousands upon thousands of groups and communities building out, building deep and building bridges… If you’re micro-focused on getting to on the list of “who’s on first”, you could miss out on other things that can prove to be even more powerful.

For a business to succeed, it’s not only about the first look, it’s about the ones who linger, and the ones who stay (plus of course getting them to stay, and keep them coming back, but that’s for later).

Climbing up the page ranking is different from creating a successful presence online. Page ranking is trying to take advantage of algorithms and particular words to get ahead. Getting known online is easy –scandalmongers do it all the time– but building something of worth, something that will live longer than a scandal, takes more than that.

Search engines are not people — people want value, relevance and connection. Search engines calculate. You picked your niche for a reason. You keep finding out new things about the people in your market, you start and grow a relationship with them, you cultivate your customers and use good, strong strategies to strengthen that relationship, you grow your own fan-base. You’ll have people broadcasting your message for you.

Search engines can’t do that. Continue reading Quality First: Looking Past Page Ranking