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The 2 Little Things to Convert Visitors Into Customers

21 October 2013, by A. Cedilla

When you want to think about the most basic elements of a successful marketing campaign for your online business, what comes to mind? Market penetration? Ad segmentation? Profiling? Number of likes and re-tweets??

With all the marketing tools that technology affords us, sometimes it’s the simple things that get pushed off to the side. Yes, research is important, branding is vital, knowing our customers and niche is the lifeblood of a busiacness, but like thin threads running through all of them, there a couple of things that are necessary to transform visitors into customers.

First of all, prospective customers need to be assured of getting real quality, whether it’s in a product or a service. They will recognize quality when the products or service is effective in solving the problem for which they intend it to solve.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to prove that on first look, with no hands-on assurances, so what can you do to show them you’ve got the real deal and the perfect fit?

You provide proof that the products works, and the assurance that with your product, this time the customer can change his situation with your products.

Proof of effectiveness can be supplied by the following:

  • Visual records, when applicable – Whether in the form of videos of the product being used in real-life situations (and not just in sanitized, just-for-TV circumstances), or before-and-after photos, the closer you get to capturing the image of getting the target market’s problem captured and resolved with your product, the more the message resounds with them that you have a product that works on their bugaboo. Continue reading The 2 Little Things to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Using Landing And Squeeze Pages for Better Marketing

14 October 2013, by A. Cedilla

 What’s the different between a landing page and a squeeze page?
Landing pages aim to sell something to visitors, squeeze pages want to get something from visitors.

Landing pages convert visitors into sales or leads: a landing page is a sales letter on a webpage, one with a specific URL on your website, and it is meant to get a visitor to buy a very specific product. It is composed of:

  • A long form sales letter formatted to capture attention, convince the reader of the product’s benefits, and steer him into finalizing the purchase.
  • An order button that takes them immediately to the shopping cart and the final step of the purchase process (using a credit card or usually Paypal.)

From sales letter to final purchase should take less than 5 clicks. Any more and you risk losing the sale due to fussy sales processes (which is why landing pages also offer money-back guarantees — all to remove doubt from the prospect’s mind and slide them right down the path to the final click.)

A squeeze page, on the other hand, is meant to capture names and email addresses in exchange for valuable content. A squeeze page has a shorter ‘letter’ compared to a landing page and its purpose is to get the visitor’s name and email address to add to the mailing list. Continue reading Using Landing And Squeeze Pages for Better Marketing

Investing In Customer Relationships

07 October 2013, by A. Cedilla

Permission plus access equals consent to email. That is permission marketing in a nutshell. The first step to starting a good customer relationships is getting consent. The other steps cover generosity, professionalism and providing value while building goodwill and trust.

Even family can fall by the wayside if you –and they– don’t keep in touch. Just think of Facebook:  while some people have mastered the art of keeping in touch via social media, it’s far too easy to rely on pictures and status updates and think you have the entire picture.

Face-time –or any constant, meaningful interaction, is necessary so you won’t be forgotten. Everyone has their own thing to do, and are busy doing it, and as a business owner it’s your responsibility to keep the flow of communication open and active. Whether it’s personal or professional, taking the effort to keep in touch matters. And business-wise, where does your most vital relationship reside? Between you and your customers.

Don’t be like the people who turn into slobs after they’ve got a commitment. Passive aggressive bait and switch and tactics like that will sink your business in the long run. Keep customers engaged and continue giving them great value. Surprise them. Go above and beyond once in a while to show you appreciate their presence in your life. That’s why people stay, they keep getting good value and they keep interested.

Kept these three words in mind: Invest, Customers, Relationship. Continue reading Investing In Customer Relationships