5 Steps To More Sales and Better Salesmanship

When you’re anxious-excited or crazy-nervous about making your online business into a successful enterprise, you can do an incredible amount of work trying to sell your product.

  • You subscribe to the newsletters and get the free reports. And you actually read through all of them.
  • You watch all those videos explaining the secrets of the masterminds of marketing and you attend their webinars.
  • Aside from book-marking websites like a fiend, you even make flow-charts explaining the sales process — with special notes underneath each step spelling out what you can say to put the customer at ease and be more open to buying.

So you research and you test, and the more you practice the easier it gets for you to deal with the marketing and promotional area of your operation, but somehow the sales part isn’t quite doing as well as you think it could. What do you do?

Remember that you are dealing with people. Real life doesn’t come with a script. You may catch a prospect on a rare bad day…or you may be the one having a bad day.

  • Maybe it’s the weather where they are, heat can sometimes make people snappish and stressed out. Not for nothing do we often inject “How’s the weather?” to keep a conversation flowing.
  • Maybe it was the traffic on the way to work that day . Maybe you got some family news that you can’t get out of your head. Maybe they got personal issues that are taking up their attention. You just don’t know, you know?

How do you respond to your prospects then?

Ask, then listen.
Knowing what the customers want begins with the simple step of asking them. The equally important second step is to listen. Learning what they want gives you the data and the context to tailor your solutions to their issues. It’s inside information you can have for the asking.

People want things done for them, and they are willing to pay for that service. There are dog-walking services, errand-running services, cleaning-services …small stuff, you’d think, and not for you, but until you ask the members of your market what they want or need to make their lives easier (answering with your service) and then follow up with what else you can do to make things even easier, you won’t be able to improve your service to the extent that you become indispensable to them.

And when ‘indispensable’ means you establishing a long-term source of income, the more you help your customers, and the more they perceive you giving them value-added service, the likelier it is they keep coming back to you. It’s you they’ll want because it’s you they remember.

Keep doing the research.
Remember the results of the crazy-anxious? You did the research, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep on top of new developments. Anything that saves you and your customers time, money and labor down the road leaves both of you with more of all three to do with as you will.

When you show that you did the research you build a strong position from which to prove your sincerity in providing superior services. You learn more when you build a knowledge base to from which to draw solutions from. And when your customers find out just how much you know about what’s going on with their concerns and what you’ve come up with to help them do their business in a better way, you make them feel important. It’s just good business.

Stay loose, stay flexible.
Sometimes the best things in life happen when you leave room for them to happen. So, yes, it still makes sense to stick to the plan, but it’s also a good thing to schedule in regular time-outs and time-offs to recharge yourself and refresh your brain.

When you get out of the business-is-everything rut, you understand that business-is-not-everything, and you develop as a whole human being, not just an entrepreneur. You learn to respond off-script and think outside the biz-box.

You give to get.
In an increasingly demanding world where people are pressed for time, searching for meaning, and working towards providing themselves a sense of long-term stability, partnerships are crucial to keeping things stable.

You trust your partner, you work as a team. Or as a group. It’s about making good relationships. And if you see your customers as your partners, you can set the relationship up so when the other succeeds, you do as well. It’s a win-win.

Stand out by being real.
When you’re being yourself, you don’t come across as That Sales Guy. That Sales Guy is bad news. That Sales Guy’s emails always filter into the spam folder, and it’s a struggle for him to get a space in your day-planner. He calls during dinner. Don’t be That Sales Guy. Be you, be real, so you can be memorable

So that’s it: Listen well, listen hard. Keep doing the research. Stay loose, give to get, be yourself. Develop a good relationship with your customers and your prospective customers by doing these things, and you’ll find yourself enjoying more sales and having an easier time running your business.

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