How Do You Think Marketing Will Change?

31 May 2013, by A. Cedilla

“[…] the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.’’ (1)

In simpler terms, marketing is identifying who your buyers will be and making a connection to them, and it also covers all the actions you carry out to get to that place.

Advertising is to get your product known. Marketing is selling it to your customers.

Advertising is trying different things to let your product presence be acknowledged, and often through different campaigns. Marketing is building strong relationships through your brand with your market, advertising is getting your market aware of your brand.

Marketing Research:
“[…] is the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information–information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process.(2)

Businesses, at their core, survive because they make money. Money to grown with, money to live on, money to keep going.
Businesses grow out of the seed of an idea.
Then the Internet happened.
People started thinking of old things applied new ways.

What if we can sell stuff online, like, an online mall or something ?
What if we make a place online to upload and show videos?
What if we set it up so people can buy, sell and bid online?

Those “what if’s” spawned, YouTube and eBay. Other novel ideas spawned Twitter, and Instagram, Linked in and Vine (the video app for Twitter) and all those thousands of apps that came flooding in when the smartphone became a commonplace accessory. The internet has already changed the way we communicate, but what many don’t seem to see (or have a hard time accepting) is that changing the way we communicate also affects the way we think.

The old school rules of marketing are challenged by the new Wild West of the online mavericks. It’s no longer just the power of the internet that’s driving us, but how we use it to break new ground and forge new things.

For example, have a look-see at the following articles:

Giving away your work for free is an idea that could send your inner accountant into screaming fits, when you’re used to the, ahem, old-school way of thinking. All that work, then give it away? For free? Why?

The people who grew up with the internet see things differently, literally. It’s not just making the sale for them. It is building community, reaching out, and trusting that they can get up and dust themselves off when things go wrong. It’s pushing their own definition of freedom out there and being willing to take on the risks associated with breaking new ground.

This approach isn’t for everyone. It’s takes a certain mindset to do something that up-ends all conventional business wisdom on its head. The fact that there have been successful results in doing so is a telling clue as to how the internet has reshaped the way we do business.

As another example, self-publishing has changed the way the publishing industry has done its business for the past hundred years. And yes, while it means there are lots of questionable, badly written and barely edited content floating out there, the removal of several layers built into the publishing industry also means more good writers having direct influence on their work and access to their intended readers. Also, check out authors who offer their free science-fiction at Baen Free Library, for example.

Who knows what new stuff will have evolved out of the intersect between human knowledge, evolving communication technology and human nature?

You don’t know what will come up next…things are shifting, old forms are falling away and while we can predict with some semblance of accuracy, we cannot say so with certainty what will happen, only that change is coming and you need to be able to change with it.

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