Marketing Your Brand With Ezines

28 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

Have you ever thought of making an e-zine to spread the word about your brand?

An e-zine is an electronic magazine, like a little pocket full of content that can quickly and easily be shared from person to person as much as forwarded emails are. Many paper/dead-tree magazines also have digital editions to take advantage of today’s tablet-rich consumer environment. For example, look at Time, Sports Illustrated, GQ and People magazine.

Publishing survives because of advertising and subscriptions. When publishers of popular magazines decided to venture into online digital versions of their original product line, they establish an online and offline presence that lets them take advantage of new (to them) technology.

Ebooks and ebook readers paved the way for ezines to gain mainstream acceptance, and for cross-pollination to occur, since there are ezines that also ventures into print edition. Either way, an online and offline version of content can only spread the influence of the magazine’s brand –as well as the advertiser’s products in it.

For a purely online business, an ezine can help spread the word about what your customers can do with your products farther, faster, and cheaper than traditional methods. With an ezine, you can promote your website with back links to your site, with direct links to your products for one click orders.

How do you lessen the production load?
Join up with others in your niche, people you can trust, and move towards a common goal. Forging agreements where people also pay you to let them advertise their products in your ezine can also lessen the costs of producing it, and provide additional income.

Promoting each others’ products, sharing relevant information, lessons, and tips also fosters community, and a robust support system, a vital aspect to ensuring good relationships with others and a healthy business online.

Who is your target audience?
How do you measure the reach of your ezine? How about tracking the effectiveness of the material you send out?

You can measure what you don’t or can’t track, so it really helps to set up some sort of analysis and tracking measures to see how effective your ezine is in promoting your products or getting responses in increased traffic, sales or new subscribers.

For example, using different email accounts for replies, and different URLs to gauge how many people clicked on a link from your ezine, and counting the number of times that link is used is quite useful…traffic analysis tools marking any increase in visitors and sales are necessary to know if your efforts are fruitful and if the pay-off is worth the continued effort.

Timelessness helps.
While a consistent ezine release schedule gives your subscribers something to look forward to and promotes continued interest , an archived online ‘library’ of past issues. kept as reference, can capture new subscribers months or even years after their initial release. Point new visitors to where you keep them and invite them to take a look. Tell them it’s free, and the quality of your work will help the decide in your favor.

The viral effect : ezines are very easy to forward, and just as easy to share.

It’s cheaper than paper-magazines. There are no no printing and distribution costs, and development and production costs depends on the owner’s goals, budgets, support system and inventiveness.

WHAT HAPPENS? You can establish yourself as an expert in your niche by priding good value, and drive traffic to your site and your partner sites with hyperlinks in the ezine. You can build loyalty, linked to your businesses image as a trusted authority, and keep in touch with your customers.

HOW? Give good content. Not too much, you can break things down – for example, a hyperlinks saying : For the full article, please visit…can direct traffic to your website, giving visitors a change to look around, linger and explore.

Encourage your subscribers to share with clear instructions. For example: If your think your friends would like to read this, you can easily forward this message by clicking here” or ‘”Do you know someone who might be interested in this e-zine? Click here to send them a copy.”– as always, keeping opt-out and unsubscribe links in, as well as keeping your privacy policy in plain sight.

Also check for email client compatibility – fancy stuff will not make up for lack of quality in content and presentation.

Push it. Promote your ezine on your forums, newsgroups, updates and site.

Have some archived on your site. We can’t emphasis this enough. Past performance, good articles and sharing goes a long way to showing the quality of your work. Many visitors can subscribe from this alone — put a link of course.

Bonus link: Check out Palmer-Plesch’s archive of free dressmaking e-magazines, Fashion For Real People for real live examples of a great ezine in the dress-making and DIY-sewing niche.

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