Moonlighting 2

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Everybody knows running your own business can make you more money, but you have to be ultra- clear-headed about your plans. After calculating initial start-up costs, overhead and projected income, it takes a lot of very hard work when you’re determined to make it on your own, without the benefits and support system that a large company can offer.

Of course you are probably more motivated and more results oriented than you would be working for someone else. You can also control your overhead better. Larger companies are not as efficient as they should be in many areas. Company policy sometimes drives up operating costs significantly.

For example, they hand out cell phones and laptops to all employees without noting whether it’s truly necessary for each employee. Also, employees are less aware of many costs and business expenses. The bottom line is simply not a priority for them. If they had to pay for everything out of their own pocket things would be very different.

The fact is: when you are in your own business you have to keep a very close eye on your bottom line or you’ll probably be out of business in no time.

This raises questions for many people who currently hold a job as well as the people they work for. Which functions will continue to be performed by employees and which jobs will be outsourced? It would be hard if not impossible to make an easy distinction at this point.

Some companies may choose to retain employees for the same jobs that are outsourced by other companies. Each may have their reasons and who’s to say what’s right. It will depend on many different factors like: the importance of the job for that particular business, the ability to attract the right people and the company’s culture. Nobody could accurately predict what the situation will be ten to fifteen years from today.

One thing is for sure though: for many of us it will be vastly different from our current situation. The question is: what have you done today to prepare for tomorrow?

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