Using Website Statistics For Better Business

Why set up website statistics?

In setting up a business website or an on-line store, one of the best moves you can take to succeed is to be responsive to the changing trends and reactions of your target market. In short: you need to set up a program to analyze your website’s statistics.

Things to bear in mind:
– Don’t let math-phobia drive you off, there are lots of tools and applications available out there that will do the data collection and reporting for you, you just need to know what data is important to your business success, and how to analyze these reports.

– If it’s the expense you’re afraid of, there are free services you can sign up for, so you can test the waters without shelling out money you can use on other parts of your business.

-If it’s the fear of doing it wrong that’s stopping you, you need to know something: Everyone does it ‘wrong’ the first time. It’s called learning. The only way out of this fear is consistent exposure, also called practice.

In what ways can statistical reports help you?

They help track your visitors – how many are one-timers, how many are repeat visitors, etc. These reports can even tell you how these people got to your site — whether they were referred by banners, came from links on search engines, clicked email links or came from affiliate links.

They can show you which areas of your site get the most traffic, or the least. This can help you revamp your website once you get a better idea of what attract your customer’s attentions.

They aid in refining your advertising and sales approach toward your niche customers and target market. You can refine your marketing plan to better fit your customers needs. You can refine your promotional and advertising approach. If you get few bites from your banners compared to more sign-ups or purchases from, say, newsletters and promotional emails, you’re onto something. You can drop what methods don’t work for you, saving on time and labor, to focus on what approach really gets the job done — attracting customers and increasing revenue.

In line with this, you can tailor your response to your chosen market and increase sales, traffic (hits) and boost your web presence (popularity).

To help you find out what effects any changes to redesign or tweak your site has on your visitor count and behavior, and how effective the change is. One website owner changed the font on his site to a more easy-on-the-eyes sans-serif font, and nothing else, and was surprised to see his traffic increase by roughly 15%.

Go ahead and play with the numbers. Once you get the hang of things you’ll wonder why you ever doubted you could handle it, and congratulate yourself on doing what it takes to grow your dream business bigger and better.

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