Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

In the process of looking for better ways to make money with your website, you probably have come across assorted techniques to do so in articles and forums on-line. Most of them are freely offered, while some are only alluded to, and actually using them would require a fee of some sort.

Now, when you’re first starting out in e-commerce or internet marketing, it’s because a) you want more money or b) you don’t have enough money and you’re trying to make more. This requires you to hold onto the funds you do have and be craftier in picking the best free methods out there to boost your website traffic. But sometimes, even the best methods out there have little tricks behind the scenes that aren’t available to the general public.

Article Writing
It’s included in every top 10 list out there on boosting web traffic: “Content Is King. So make sure you have lots of content, and after defining your niche, make sure your articles have all of the proper keywords in them before you submit them to the various article directories in your market.”

Admittedly, article-writing and submission is quite effective: 1) it boosts your site’s page ranking in the search engines, 2) you get back-links to your site courtesy of the article directory links and 3) the search engines index your articles, giving people another way to find your site on the web.

What’s the hidden trick, then?

To boost your website traffic even more with article writing, submit your articles to website and newsletter owners in the same niche. Offer your articles freely for publication. The possibility is very good that the owners will do so if you offer good content. This would lead to greater exposure to your pre-defined target market and by default, already-interested readers who will read your articles. This is a more strategic, more forward-thinking approach than just sticking to the basic submission to directories.

Another free traffic generation method, back-linking (here)teaches you to participate in a few forums related to your niche and leave back-links to your site with your posts (situated in your signature).

The additional recommendation here tasks you to give more than just helpful answers to forum issues and questions: when you do join a forum in your niche, take time to read EVERY category in the forum, getting to suss out the various Q + A people ask and offer in them.

Create a report with an organized compilation of these problems and issues (with good solutions/recommendations, of course), and then offer this for free to the forum members. Inside this report you put links to your website or blog. Once again, this is a far more effective method of generating traffic than just making a comment or two in forums.

Social Book-marking
What the big names in the business teach newcomers to do is to bookmark their web pages and articles in article directories so that these get picked up by social bookmarking sites like Digg or Stumble Upon.

To boost your gains from this advice, don’t just follow it willy-nilly, bookmarking left, right and center. Refine your target — check and see the highest-ranking topics first, then look if any of them are related to your niche. When you do, then you prepare an article for your blog and bookmark it.

Go to that highly ranked/popular post and add a comment to it that includes a link to your blog. That way, you get another quality backlink to your site AND draw the visitors reading that post to your website or blog. Hopefully, they’ll vote for your article too, pushing your post up the social bookmarking site’s favorite list.

These are the tweaks to the top three free traffic generation methods that you can apply to boost your numbers. Try them out for a set time, and see your traffic improve.

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