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It’s hard to get subscriber’s undivided attention. Attention spans are shorter, and you have ever-present competition from the emails that other businesses send. To stand out from the crowd and be distinguishable from the rest of the pack, you should make your communications to your subscribers short, to the point and easily digestible.

In a way, as an owner of an online business, it’s easier for you to do this, because your members have already signed up for your newsletters. That means they already indicated an interest the services/products you offer and what you have to say. You just have to keep them with you. The harder part is getting new members to sign-up in the first place. And to increase your membership, you need to make it easier for potential subscribers to opt-in.

In what ways can you do this?

  • Keep the email address simple: give a link in the opt-in form and on every promotional email and e-newsletter you send.
  • Include your business or company email address links on every page of your website, as well as those popular “tell a friend” links.
  • At times when images are blocked by email services because of anti-virus and fire-wall protection, every image in your emails should be alt-tagged, i.e., “Buy now”, “Subscribe here”, “Submit”, and so on.

Make your subscription process simpler and easier by organizing email addresses, mail-to links, sign up forms and posting information your site. Reduce the steps to the sign-up process to the barest minimum you can. From an online marketing survey, businesses who reduced the subscription process from nine steps to three experienced an increase of three hundred percent in the subscription rate.

Opt-in forms should collect enough personal information in order for marketers to match it to more relevant emails, but don’t push for too much required personal information. People value their privacy, and asking for information beyond what you need for the sign up process may turn them off. Mark the mandatory fields on the opt-in forms with the usual asterisk, and leave the other fields optional.

Include a “reset” or “update” button in your opt-in form. Also make sure that there’s an easy way to set a password, along with a password-retrieval link for when your subscriber forgets. Such links should be easily noticeable on every page of the website and on every email and e-newsletter.

To make your business’s email stand out from all the other emails, as the sender, you must be recognized at glance, and your subject line must be eye-catching. As well as making sure that your emails are text as well as HTML based, include the web version of the email. As an added bonus, you can design your emails to be printer-friendly, or allow for a print friendly version to be opened by a single click of the mouse.

To avoid making unprofessional mistakes and frustrating your recipients and readers, test your links before sending your emails. Think about your readers’ expectations, and set it up so that they have quick and easy access to everything they could or might need from your business, product or services.

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