Writing Articles For Your Business

“Oh, no. Not another business-writing article…” Stop right there. You won’t be graded. There’s no one with a red pen waiting to slash your work to ribbons, no essays and fancy compound-complex sentence construction expected. We’re not expecting you to write The One Article To End All Articles. Relax, stop twitching and just be open.

You’ve been communicating all your life, growing up, getting educated, socializing with other people. You know how to communicate, i.e, to listen and respond, to reason out things and get your point across. Article-writing is just another extension of that process, one you store on paper, or digitally. It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a ‘guru’, or ‘An Expert.’ You just have to be yourself.

When you decide to use articles to promote your self and your business, always keep a capture journal within reach. Write down the ideas that pop up as they come to you. Don’t edit, don’t filter, just write them down. The creative process needs lots of ideas to keep it bubbling, and judging ideas as ” …just too far out, what am I thinking?” weakens the momentum.

To help get you started: What can you share that will help other people? What is it about your services or products can make their lives easier? What about titles? What titles can you write down that get to the heart of the idea you want to share, just so? What stuff about your product or service isn’t common knowledge, something that can help if more word of it gets out?

The more stuff you write down, the more you realize that you know a lot of things worth sharing, and that can spur you on to outline the barest bones of articles. You’re on your way!

Once you start listing down the stuff you know that can help other people, you begin to understand that you have knowledge worth sharing. Think about this: Everybody is an expert at something. You are the expert on your business; it’s your baby, your passion, and you know a lot about it.

If you still can’t started with the writing process, there are still many resources you can mind for information and ideas. If you have a forum or a public email address, that’s a treasure trove right under your nose. Aside from your FAQ’s, what are the questions you didn’t include (for whatever reason) that are still always being asked?

Even your FAQ’s can be the seeds of many articles. Start by asking the question, then jotting down a few lines that sum up the answer. From those few lines you can expand on your points. Put in a few relevant examples, or share your personal experience, and you will have your article.

Think about it. You wrote the answers to question people have about your services. Question = Answer. That’s the simplest reason for article writing there is. You can respond to issues people aren’t even aware they have yet. See?

What do people want to know the most about your products? If you have an internal search function enabled on your website, find out what the most used search expressions are. Use them to do more research off your site, and get more information — enough to start a series on those issues.

If you can write, you can write articles. You don’t have to use fancy words to make it sound smarter, just write like you talk and let the words come. Don’t censor as you write your drafts, you can always make needed changes after. Get going, keep writing and see for yourself just how much fun it can be. The rewards — increased visibility, sharing knowledge with others and getting their feedback in return, increased self-respect at your writing achievements and growing your writing skills — are worth the effort.

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