How to Plan for Multiple Revenue Sources 2

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The greater burden in win this situation is psychological and emotional. You have responsibilities: keeping a roof over your head, feeding and clothing yourself and your family. Then you have obligations: loans and bills that need to be paid. The pressure from all sides can be overwhelming.

The counter-intuitive thing to do here, aside from collapsing into a frazzled heap, is to be, well, cold-blooded about it. Reason should lead over emotion. You want less stress over money, you want more money coming in, you need to be cool and calculating (literally) going about things.

Another recommendation at this point is the 2 part series, Building Buffers 1 and 2.

The second part of the process: you take steps to protect what you have now.

Consider all the things you use to keep your life running smoothly. Household appliances and cars, for example. Are they in good shape? Have you been taking steps to ensure that these things are functioning at their peak performance? If something breaks down, would you know if they’re still under warranty? How about having the manufacturer’s contact information at hand?

It may not seem very important, but think about what a sudden breakdown would mean in terms of interrupted chores (what if the washer broke down mid-cycle? Your car?), contacting the repairman or manufacturer, hunting for the warranty card, and all the little details that suddenly jump to the front.

Think of the utilities: Any way to reduce energy or water consumption to save on the bills? Hidden leaks and ‘ghost charges’ add up over time. Look around. There are hundreds of sites out there giving advice about going green, energy-saving, and ‘life-hacking’, to name just a few, that can help you save money, and not just make it. Here’s some good advice that can help with your house.

Consider your health and the health of your family. What steps have you taken to ward off illness, even–especially– the common ones like flu and colds? Working yourself into the ground to provide for yourself and your loved ones is a foolish course of action if all your work lands you in the hospital when your health gives in. Here’s some more good advice about preventing illness in your household.

Planning for more money is a many-faceted process. It involves making new avenues for wealth creation (and not just the financial kind) but also asset protection (and not just the material kind). It expands your skill sets and the possibilities in your life, and aside from the pay-outs, also fun.

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