The Top 3 Pitfalls In Internet Marketing

If you’ve done your research you probably already came up against the scary statistics about the very high failure rate among new marketers. Newcomers to the game fall for the glitzy, hard-selling offers promising BIG MONEY and OUTRAGEOUS RETURNS in just MONTHS if you sign up RIGHT NOW while the OFFER is OPEN because time is RUNNING OUT!

Behind the scenes however, you don’t often get to see all the effort, tools, hours and resources that the Big Names expended to get to be the Big Names. A membership list of thousands isn’t one that gets built up overnight, or even over weeks, despite what the hype says. Affiliate products, marketing courses, eBooks and marketing plans (with joint ventures, educational packages–again with ebooks, audio-visual material, etc.), everything needed to attract more people to sign up and opt-in, still need to be created and put together in enticing packages.

If you’re truly determined to make it online, here are the 3 most important issues in internet marketing you need to be aware of so you can reduce your chances of failing:

1. The hype can drown out your common sense, especially if you’re new. Be discerning.

You read the offers, you signed up for the newsletters, you know how it goes.

  • “Offer expires in 24 hours! First 100 people to sign up get the top 3/5/10 secrets to _____ success!”
  • The One True Way to marketing success and near-instant riches can be yours if you act NOW!

Fear and nerves often pushes newbies to get all the information ‘available’ so they can make an ‘informed decision.’ You know what happens next, right?

You guessed it. Since more and more information is made available every day, they get stuck in data collection…then analysis paralysis. Many wash out in the preparatory stage alone, some thinking they want to get all their ducks in a row before committing to anything, others running out of time (parsing all the material they’ve accumulated, and never catching up), money (buying into all the educational marketing webinars and packages offered)or self-confidence (“How’m I supposed to learn all this? I give up.”).

They aim, aim, aim…and never fire.

Don’t slip into a permanent ‘information gathering’ stage. Time spent here should be restrained to reading a few (2-3, at the most) of the newsletters. Any more would suggest that you’re not picking the best of the entire lot, and still reading the runners-up.

If the newsletters you signed up for keep sending you links pointing you to a page that asks you to sign up in exchange for FREE, absolutely VITAL information you MUST have (or offer you a limited time offer) , and give very little usable marketing information, opt-out.

These methods are used to get more people to sign up in their list, or sell stuff that with a little more effort, you can research for free. This is a waste of time, which leads us to the second point.

2. With so many choices out there, you can often waste time in programs and activities that don’t pay off in the long run.

Time is a non-renewable resource.Spend yours where it will result in the most good and gets you closer to your goals. Since you’re in this to make money, any aimless, unfocused activities (idle browsing, for example) when you plan to be productive (and actually produce something), are activities that ultimately will not advance your goals. They are huge time-wasters. And if you’ve moved past all your research and actually picked a program or two to join, for example, keep from “program hopping” and stick with your choice for a set period.

Bouncing from program to program will get you nothing but headaches and empty pockets. Remember, stability shows up over time, not in an instant.

3. Even if you’ve made a decision, all the other marketers vying for your attention can distract you. And will keep distracting you.

Write your plans down, brainstorm for worst-case scenarios, and prepare back-up plans and resources. Focus on what needs to be done and do what it takes to achieve these steps, promoting your chosen, proven programs. Practice discernment in picking which programs to go with. A good program, if promoted and worked the right way, is a substantial aid in upping your likelihood of earning good money.

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