Top Two Free Traffic Building Methods

If you want get and direct more traffic to your squeeze page, this segment will cover 2 ways you can do so: article and forum marketing. At the end our goal is to give you enough information to help you gain more visitors to your site, help your sales and boost the traffic to your squeeze page. And you can do this all with no money down.

Article marketing is the marketing method where you submit original articles, which as a rule are composed of 400-500 words, to article directories. It’s a very good traffic-generating approach: aside from the fact that many excellent article directories are free, the more high-quality articles you write, the better your odds of getting attention because of the quality of your work, attention that then can be redirected to your site.

When people uses article marketing, the generally use it for promotional means: pushing an affiliate product, for example. As a secondary (and even better) side-effect, article marketing is excellent for list building, because readers (without having to commit anything) get free, useful content, which enhances click through to your site, and attract potential subscribers. Article marketing is one great method to attract subscribers to your squeeze page, but not the only free one.

For more ways to optimize your directory submissions, go here.

The second method that you can try is forum marketing (also known as back-linking). You can get the mechanics of it in this article. This is an excellent way to build your traffic. It bears repeating, though: as in article marketing (and everything else), quality is still key. Making relevant, useful comments several times a day within your chosen forum or thread will help raise your Google ranking and also solicit more traffic to your website when you use your signature.

Getting more people to opt-in on your list building is a solid step towards success, especially in these trying times when you need to hold on to as much money as you can. Whether you use article marketing and/or forum marketing, there’s no limit to the amount of targeted traffic you can build for free with your efforts.

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