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How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, for those new to the game, is an online marketing method that works in the same way as germs do in the flu season: you pass germs on for free, spreading like a virus. Hence the term ‘viral’.

In internet marketing and ecommerce, viral marketing is all about giving away a free version of your product or service (the ‘germ’ in this scenario) to interested people, making sure that with that particular freebie, whatever it is, your website link, your business’s contact information and email address are included or embedded somehow.

The recipients are allowed to pass it along to anyone they know that they believe would be interested in or benefit from the freebie as well — spreading the viral element in their social network.

You don’t have to push products onto people with a hard sell, or spam them, because people’s natural inclination to share the latest Big Thing or great find does it for you.

Here are some popular viral marketing methods: Continue reading How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Optimizing Directory Submissions

It’s easier now to pick a low-cost and effective way to promote your products and increase your visibility via the Internet. Aside from newsletters, podcasts and free ebooks, another way to do this is to write articles for your website, and then submit them to article directories.

Directory submission is simply posting your business-related articles on article directory sites, usually with a signature or ‘author box’ that contains a back-link pointing to your site. With every article you post, you increase the chances of interested people reading your article and visiting your site to see what else they might find interesting there.

So, more visitors = higher traffic = more publicity. And unless you’re paying for someone to ghost-write the articles, you don’t have to shell out much of your carefully budgeted money.

At this point, you probably know about SEO (search engine optimization) practices and how the careful use of keywords can up your page-rank in the search engine results. Via directory submission, you can post keyword rich articles that link back to your website by means of the resource information. Continue reading Optimizing Directory Submissions