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Top Two Free Traffic Building Methods

If you want get and direct more traffic to your squeeze page, this segment will cover 2 ways you can do so: article and forum marketing. At the end our goal is to give you enough information to help you gain more visitors to your site, help your sales and boost the traffic to your squeeze page. And you can do this all with no money down.

Article marketing is the marketing method where you submit original articles, which as a rule are composed of 400-500 words, to article directories. It’s a very good traffic-generating approach: aside from the fact that many excellent article directories are free, the more high-quality articles you write, the better your odds of getting attention because of the quality of your work, attention that then can be redirected to your site.

When people uses article marketing, the generally use it for promotional means: pushing an affiliate product, for example. As a secondary (and even better) side-effect, article marketing is excellent for list building, because readers (without having to commit anything) get free, useful content, which enhances click through to your site, and attract potential subscribers. Article marketing is one great method to attract subscribers to your squeeze page, but not the only free one. Continue reading Top Two Free Traffic Building Methods

How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, for those new to the game, is an online marketing method that works in the same way as germs do in the flu season: you pass germs on for free, spreading like a virus. Hence the term ‘viral’.

In internet marketing and ecommerce, viral marketing is all about giving away a free version of your product or service (the ‘germ’ in this scenario) to interested people, making sure that with that particular freebie, whatever it is, your website link, your business’s contact information and email address are included or embedded somehow.

The recipients are allowed to pass it along to anyone they know that they believe would be interested in or benefit from the freebie as well — spreading the viral element in their social network.

You don’t have to push products onto people with a hard sell, or spam them, because people’s natural inclination to share the latest Big Thing or great find does it for you.

Here are some popular viral marketing methods: Continue reading How To Be Infectious: Using Viral Marketing

Writing Articles For Your Business

“Oh, no. Not another business-writing article…” Stop right there. You won’t be graded. There’s no one with a red pen waiting to slash your work to ribbons, no essays and fancy compound-complex sentence construction expected. We’re not expecting you to write The One Article To End All Articles. Relax, stop twitching and just be open.

You’ve been communicating all your life, growing up, getting educated, socializing with other people. You know how to communicate, i.e, to listen and respond, to reason out things and get your point across. Article-writing is just another extension of that process, one you store on paper, or digitally. It’s easier than you think. You don’t have to be a ‘guru’, or ‘An Expert.’ You just have to be yourself.

When you decide to use articles to promote your self and your business, always keep a capture journal within reach. Write down the ideas that pop up as they come to you. Don’t edit, don’t filter, just write them down. The creative process needs lots of ideas to keep it bubbling, and judging ideas as ” …just too far out, what am I thinking?” weakens the momentum. Continue reading Writing Articles For Your Business