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Your Secret Weapon: Customer Feedback

When it comes to making improvements in your work, or how you make your products, or tweaking  the products themselves, who do you ask for help?

When it comes to improving yourself, how do you figure out what you need to focus on? It starts with the pain, right?

Usually we wait until the discomfort becomes too great for us to bear and then we start fixing things that are causing the pain, but sometimes we’re smart enough to ask for help before reaching that point, and when we ask, we turn to the people we trust. Don’t you ask your friends?

Unless you have very few competitors in your niche, you can’t rest on your laurels when it comes to keeping up with the changes that  innovations and time pushes onto any market. If you don’t push yourself to keep learning — making mistakes and adjusting for them along the way — you won’t expand your knowledge. You won’t be able to adjust when something new comes along that can impact you, your products, and your business.

Think of it. The things we’re capable of doing today — mobile banking, on-demand streaming services, seamless virtual conferencing, for example — didn’t exist two decades ago. The infrastructure and the technology simply weren’t there. Now that they are, look at the changes they made to how people manage money, music, entertainment and media, and how we communicate across borders and time-zones.

And even now, with all the advances in science and collaborative technology, we really have no way to predict with pinpoint accuracy what’s going to pop up in the next twenty years.  Entire industries got turned over since then, and long-standing business practices eroded and were swept away by the change brought about by new tech.

The speed at which we were able to generate and share our discoveries zoomed, and so did the amount of data let out into the world.  There’s too much information for any one person to get all sides and perspectives of issues.

And that means that you have to stay sharp — and staying sharp requires resources, time-management, and dedication. Working smart and working hard — and asking questions. Questions are a timeless way of getting more information, and with the apps and online tools we have at our disposal, well, we can all drown in looking for what we can use to make improvements.

Which leads then to this: Have you ever crowd-sourced brainpower?
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Trading Places With Your Customers

How do you get customers?
When you have a product intended to serve a particular purpose, and you aim to make it succeed in a particular market, you go to where people are who will be able to use it, who will be interested in using it, who will want it, and will be most likely to buy it.

Then you test it out in the market. You generate a lot of interest and publicity, maybe by giving samples in exchange for feedback, or letting out a fully functional version with certain limits to differentiate it from the paid version.

You let people know you have something that will help them solve a particular problem, something that will improve their lives, make things easier, and fulfill a need of theirs.

How do you keep customers?
You give good service, and supply good products that do exactly what they’re meant to. You deliver on your promise. You go the extra mile.

Who decides if you give good service, or make good products?
You do. And your customers do, too. It’s a collaborative relationship –emphasis on relationship.

There are studies of course. Focus groups, market studies, feedback-for-points, paid surveys,etc. and then there’s also the more direct approach, like follow-ups, and soliciting and getting feedback from your customers.

But when your customers can hie off whenever they spot a better deal, what can you do on your part to keep doing what you want to do and make money running your business?

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