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Common Mistakes For The First-time Marketer

Internet marketing neophytes form the largest portion of those who fail to make a living from online work. This article is to help newbies not only survive but succeed and ultimately make a living online. If you are one, chances are, these characteristics describe you.

  • You dream of making a lavish, full-time income on the internet, mostly on autopilot. This gives you the freedom to live the kind of lifestyle you desire without financial worries.
  • You are on lists. Many, many lists. Every internet marketing guru out there has your name and email address on their lists. As a result, you get bombarded with at least a dozen emails from these guys everyday.
  • You do research every day, trying to figure out how to run a successful online business. You probably learn new things almost daily. You are constantly watching videos, listening to audio or reading e-books learning the newest money-making system on the internet.
  • You buy more info-products, software, scripts, systems, ‘how-to’ methods etc than you actually use. As a result, you have tons of PLR, MRR and RR e-books, the latest software and scripts, memberships to all sorts of programs that promise to be the silver bullet that answers the basic question, “What Must I Do To Succeed On The Internet?” sitting in your hard drive gathering virtual dust.

The combined effect of these characteristics is information overload and analysis paralysis.

In other words, you hardly take any action based on what you already know or have in hand. You may think this article is irrelevant to you because you do take action.

If that’s so, then why are you not succeeding beyond your wildest dreams? And why is there such a high failure rate (some say as high as 95%) among internet marketers? Continue reading Common Mistakes For The First-time Marketer