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Using Signature Files For Promotion

23 August 2013, by A. Cedilla

You might brush these things off as simply being those annoying mini-essays tacked onto all the emails cramming your in-box, but that probably comes from being exposed to people who didn’t understand the principles of having a professional signature file

Even in interdepartmental communications, we can get the TMI-version from some of our co-workers, but in a professional setting, you shouldn’t brush off signature files (also known as “sigfiles.”) They are still a way to spread the word about your business.

Business card rituals happen in a professional setting, and there are even protocols for giving them out, especially in Japan. The key thing is to be professional. There should be a clear distinction between work email and personal email. For example:

  • Links in your sigfile should lead to good sites, not elicit a “What the hell is this?” reaction. Rickrolling is not work-appropriate behavior.
  • Put nothing you’d be embarrassed to be admitting to in public, in front of lawyers and your family.

In a nutshell, a signature file takes the place of a dead-tree business card, but with more space. It is attached to the end of your email messages. Just as a blank wall can inspire people to scribble all sorts of things on it (“Kilroy was here!”), this blank space can inspire you to ways you can push your business. Continue reading Using Signature Files For Promotion

Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In

When people are looking for something they need and in the process stumble on something they want, they can come up with a lot of reasons in very little time to go get it.

Heck, most times people aren’t even looking for anything in particular when the zing! hits them. That’s because desire is a visceral reaction,welling up in an all-over burst of “OooOooh!” that races past your usual filters and excitedly waves in your face. “Hey, look, look there, see? See?” So you look, harder. Boom.

  • Pretty! Want.
  • Cool! Want.
  • Sa-WEEET! Want.

You get all excited in that sudden swell of longing, and your logical mind just tags along for the ride, telling you “Hey, this is great! We need this.” Then your stimulated brain comes up with all sorts of reasons why you do need it, and more often than not, you buy it.

Admit it, you know this happened to you at one point or another.

And that’s the thing. It’s not just you. It’s everyone. It’s a human thing, and one you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur, because knowing is half the battle, and using this knowledge is the other half. Continue reading Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In