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Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In

When people are looking for something they need and in the process stumble on something they want, they can come up with a lot of reasons in very little time to go get it.

Heck, most times people aren’t even looking for anything in particular when the zing! hits them. That’s because desire is a visceral reaction,welling up in an all-over burst of “OooOooh!” that races past your usual filters and excitedly waves in your face. “Hey, look, look there, see? See?” So you look, harder. Boom.

  • Pretty! Want.
  • Cool! Want.
  • Sa-WEEET! Want.

You get all excited in that sudden swell of longing, and your logical mind just tags along for the ride, telling you “Hey, this is great! We need this.” Then your stimulated brain comes up with all sorts of reasons why you do need it, and more often than not, you buy it.

Admit it, you know this happened to you at one point or another.

And that’s the thing. It’s not just you. It’s everyone. It’s a human thing, and one you can use to your advantage as an entrepreneur, because knowing is half the battle, and using this knowledge is the other half. Continue reading Make The Sale Easy: Banking On The Emotional Buy-In

The Top 5 Most Basic Marketing Goals

People who are most likely to express interest in your product or service make up your target market. The challenge of marketing lies in finding the people who are most likely to want what you’re selling, and then getting them to buy.

Correctly targeting your market saves time, money and effort in your advertising. Using a common scenario, rather than spattering buckshot everywhere in the hopes of hitting your target, targeted marketing is like using a rifle: with repetition and focused adjustment, the odds of you hitting what you aim for are much higher.

What follows are 5 ways you can refine your targets. Continue reading The Top 5 Most Basic Marketing Goals

The Top 3 Pitfalls In Internet Marketing

If you’ve done your research you probably already came up against the scary statistics about the very high failure rate among new marketers. Newcomers to the game fall for the glitzy, hard-selling offers promising BIG MONEY and OUTRAGEOUS RETURNS in just MONTHS if you sign up RIGHT NOW while the OFFER is OPEN because time is RUNNING OUT!

Behind the scenes however, you don’t often get to see all the effort, tools, hours and resources that the Big Names expended to get to be the Big Names. A membership list of thousands isn’t one that gets built up overnight, or even over weeks, despite what the hype says. Affiliate products, marketing courses, eBooks and marketing plans (with joint ventures, educational packages–again with ebooks, audio-visual material, etc.), everything needed to attract more people to sign up and opt-in, still need to be created and put together in enticing packages.

If you’re truly determined to make it online, here are the 3 most important issues in internet marketing you need to be aware of so you can reduce your chances of failing: Continue reading The Top 3 Pitfalls In Internet Marketing

How to Plan for Multiple Revenue Sources 2

Continuing from Part 1, you may also want to take a look on our four-part series about goals and planning :

The Four Quarters 1 – Personal Time Management
The Four Quarters 2 – Visions and Goals
The Four Quarters 3 – Breaking Down The Pieces
The Four Quarters 4 – 5 Ways of Putting Things Together

The greater burden in win this situation is psychological and emotional. You have responsibilities: keeping a roof over your head, feeding and clothing yourself and your family. Then you have obligations: loans and bills that need to be paid. The pressure from all sides can be overwhelming.

The counter-intuitive thing to do here, aside from collapsing into a frazzled heap, is to be, well, cold-blooded about it. Reason should lead over emotion. You want less stress over money, you want more money coming in, you need to be cool and calculating (literally) going about things.

Another recommendation at this point is the 2 part series, Building Buffers 1 and 2. Continue reading How to Plan for Multiple Revenue Sources 2

How to Plan for Multiple Revenue Sources 1

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t worry about money nowadays. Everyone’s feeling the pressure, and working twice as hard just to keep their heads above water. What can you do to ease off the stress and lose the incessant fear of losing what you have now?

You need to step back, calm down, and think of what solid actions you can take to improve your situation.

Okay, your financial situation may be more precarious or unstable than you want. You need to arrange it so it’s more steady, and you’re less stressed. What do you do to fulfill those needs?

First, you build more than one source of income. Only as many as you can honestly handle with your current responsibilities, as many as you can incorporate into your lifestyle, for as long as you can sustain them. Having only one source of income sets you up for some scary times, because without something to fall back on, what happens if you lose that one source?

To prepare,you need to detach from your familiar places. Sometimes people get stressed even at the very thought of the stuff they need to do at home: pay the bills, do the chores, drive the kids to soccer practice, etc. Don’t do this at work, it’ll just split your attention. Make the time, and find a place where you can sit and think uninterrupted. {more}

Eliminate the distractions of popular spots, “Ooh, free WiFi, and the coffee smells so good, guess it won’t hurt to get a cup…and one of those crullers, come to think of it. I’ll just check my email and then I’ll get to it.” Continue reading How to Plan for Multiple Revenue Sources 1