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Moonlighting 2

Part 2 of 2

Everybody knows running your own business can make you more money, but you have to be ultra- clear-headed about your plans. After calculating initial start-up costs, overhead and projected income, it takes a lot of very hard work when you’re determined to make it on your own, without the benefits and support system that a large company can offer.

Of course you are probably more motivated and more results oriented than you would be working for someone else. You can also control your overhead better. Larger companies are not as efficient as they should be in many areas. Company policy sometimes drives up operating costs significantly.

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Moonlighting 1

Part 1 of 2

Today’s economy is marked by fear in the workplace. People are now vividly, painfully aware of the truth that job security really is a thing of the past. In response, many have replaced their goal of job security with the idea of employment security.

This concept states that if you focus on being a valuable person and employee, with skills that are of value to an employer, you may not be guaranteed to keep your current job, but you will most certainly be able to get another one. To a large extent this will probably hold up in many situations. However it still assumes an employer – employee relationship.

The old relationship between the employer and the employee will probably be around for a long time, but it won’t be as commonplace as it is today. People who used to work in a single department in a single function for most of their professional lives are now getting used to working more on a project by project basis. In most situations they are still on the same company’s payroll, but this is already changing. Continue reading Moonlighting 1