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How To Get High-Value Sales Leads from Your Opt-In Page

When it comes to online marketing, one of the key pillars of a building successful online business is having a healthy and growing mailing list.

It’s simple, very basic business advice for today. You establish a website, you give good, valuable content, relevant to your target market, and you build an email list.

  • You offer freebies, people sign up to get those in exchange for their names and email addresses.
  • You get names and email addresses, you build a  mailing list of people who have given you their permission to contact them and who have shown they are interested in your content.
  • You build a pool of subscribers, a group of people who have pre-qualified themselves to be your customers simply by signing up, whether to get notified every time you update, or receive a free report with relevant, valuable, helpful information.


That’s part of the basic practices. The further on you grow into managing your business and connecting with your customers, the more you can develop an eye towards spotting the nuances and driving needs of your market. You want to succeed, so of course you study better ways of monetizing your website, leveraging your content, and converting your leads into actual sales.

You study your customers. You study your conversion rates. You read customer feedback, etc.  and you act on what you learn, adjusting your actions to make the best next choice.  With this consistent study, the real-time analysis,  and staying on top of things…you  sharpen your business acumen. And you develop your gut instincts.

The further along you get, you can realize that some tactics or strategies need to be revamped or discarded entirely,  to make room for ones that work better. It’s at this stage that you can truly start taking counterintuitive-seeming steps that actually help maximize your work and leverage your mailing list. Continue reading How To Get High-Value Sales Leads from Your Opt-In Page

How To Make Better Opt-in Pages

Making an effective opt-in pages is a vital step to get more email subscribers, leading to an increase in your membership base and a boost to your profits. The design and presentation of your opt-in pages can influence the number of people willing to join your email lists and learn more about your products.

The basic idea towards maximizing the opt-in pages is to get and steer people’s attention to the ways that your product can help them, and then persuade them to sign up. The prep-work for this involves the design of your opt-in page.

Drawing visitors into the company’s website is an important goal (part one: get their attention) but once there, visitors should be persuaded to sign up leading them to the opt-in page (part 2: get them to join). So the path to your opt-in page must be clear, attractive and prominent. If it doesn’t interfere in the overall appearance of your site, links to that opt-in should be placed on the home page as well as the other pages on your website. Continue reading How To Make Better Opt-in Pages

Get More Subscribers to Opt-In

It’s hard to get subscriber’s undivided attention. Attention spans are shorter, and you have ever-present competition from the emails that other businesses send. To stand out from the crowd and be distinguishable from the rest of the pack, you should make your communications to your subscribers short, to the point and easily digestible.

In a way, as an owner of an online business, it’s easier for you to do this, because your members have already signed up for your newsletters. That means they already indicated an interest the services/products you offer and what you have to say. You just have to keep them with you. The harder part is getting new members to sign-up in the first place. And to increase your membership, you need to make it easier for potential subscribers to opt-in.

In what ways can you do this?

  • Keep the email address simple: give a link in the opt-in form and on every promotional email and e-newsletter you send.
  • Include your business or company email address links on every page of your website, as well as those popular “tell a friend” links.
  • At times when images are blocked by email services because of anti-virus and fire-wall protection, every image in your emails should be alt-tagged, i.e., “Buy now”, “Subscribe here”, “Submit”, and so on.

Continue reading Get More Subscribers to Opt-In