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Podcasting Basics: Yes, You Can Podcast

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is simply a way of sharing audio files (content) through an RSS feed. The original meaning of podcast (the word is the offspring of a happy union between ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’) applied to audiofiles, which are most commonly served up in the MP3 format. Aside from podcasts there also vodcasts (video podcasts, or Video On Demand content), although now the word ‘podcast’ is already accepted to mean audio and video content.

Podcasting saves your subscribers’ time because they don’t need to visit your site to view the latest updates. Subscribers get your podcasts automatically downloaded into their podcasting clients (like iTunes and Podget, for example) and get to listen to them on their own time, at their own pace. They can also transfer the podcast episode to their portable player of choice to take with them wherever they go. {more}

Podcasting is different from file-sharing, direct downloads or streaming because it can be subscribed to, syndicated and automatically updated when new podcasts come in. This updating process is accomplished with an aggregator or feed reader, such as RSS or Atom, that can read feed formats. Continue reading Podcasting Basics: Yes, You Can Podcast