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Using Blog Trackbacks to Your Advantage

First of all, what is a blog trackback?

A trackback is a type of blog feature used to associate blog posts on different blogs. It’s a way to notify a website or another blog that you published an entry that references it.

The result: two or more different blogs can share readers.

For example: Say you just posted an article to your blog about beaded jewelry making. Now, as you surf the net, you run across a similar or related post on someone else’s blog.

You can use the trackback feature to notify the person who posted the other post about beaded jewelry that there is a similar post on your blog.

Get it now? Think of it as leaving a virtual sticky-note in the other person’s comments, one that tells him, “Hey, I wrote something like this, too. You can check it out at my blog here.” Continue reading Using Blog Trackbacks to Your Advantage