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The 2 Little Things to Convert Visitors Into Customers

21 October 2013, by A. Cedilla

When you want to think about the most basic elements of a successful marketing campaign for your online business, what comes to mind? Market penetration? Ad segmentation? Profiling? Number of likes and re-tweets??

With all the marketing tools that technology affords us, sometimes it’s the simple things that get pushed off to the side. Yes, research is important, branding is vital, knowing our customers and niche is the lifeblood of a busiacness, but like thin threads running through all of them, there a couple of things that are necessary to transform visitors into customers.

First of all, prospective customers need to be assured of getting real quality, whether it’s in a product or a service. They will recognize quality when the products or service is effective in solving the problem for which they intend it to solve.

Of course, it can be quite difficult to prove that on first look, with no hands-on assurances, so what can you do to show them you’ve got the real deal and the perfect fit?

You provide proof that the products works, and the assurance that with your product, this time the customer can change his situation with your products.

Proof of effectiveness can be supplied by the following:

  • Visual records, when applicable – Whether in the form of videos of the product being used in real-life situations (and not just in sanitized, just-for-TV circumstances), or before-and-after photos, the closer you get to capturing the image of getting the target market’s problem captured and resolved with your product, the more the message resounds with them that you have a product that works on their bugaboo. Continue reading The 2 Little Things to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Using Landing And Squeeze Pages for Better Marketing

14 October 2013, by A. Cedilla

¬†What’s the different between a landing page and a squeeze page?
Landing pages aim to sell something to visitors, squeeze pages want to get something from visitors.

Landing pages convert visitors into sales or leads: a landing page is a sales letter on a webpage, one with a specific URL on your website, and it is meant to get a visitor to buy a very specific product. It is composed of:

  • A long form sales letter formatted to capture attention, convince the reader of the product’s benefits, and steer him into finalizing the purchase.
  • An order button that takes them immediately to the shopping cart and the final step of the purchase process (using a credit card or usually Paypal.)

From sales letter to final purchase should take less than 5 clicks. Any more and you risk losing the sale due to fussy sales processes (which is why landing pages also offer money-back guarantees — all to remove doubt from the prospect’s mind and slide them right down the path to the final click.)

A squeeze page, on the other hand, is meant to capture names and email addresses in exchange for valuable content. A squeeze page has a shorter ‘letter’ compared to a landing page and its purpose is to get the visitor’s name and email address to add to the mailing list. Continue reading Using Landing And Squeeze Pages for Better Marketing

Measuring Web Metrics And ROI

09 August 2013 , by A. Cedilla

  • How would you know if you’re making money –or bleeding it– if you don’t record your sales and overhead?
  • How would you know if your new marketing campaign is making an impact unless you track the numbers before and after you institute the promotion?

It’s an accepted fact the the internet has changed the way we do business. What hasn’t changed is that it still takes money to make money. Even if you’re working out of a closet, you still need certain things, things which require money. And time. And labor.

And then there’s the matter of getting something (preferably money) in return for what you shell out, and knowing how much, exactly, did you gain for all your work.

So, to figure out your return on investment, you need to measure, record and analyze specific things to get a clear picture. For an online business’s standpoint, it isn’t just the sales but the branding, how well you are known and how well you are selling. This includes things like conversion rates for visitors, sales, sign-ups, etc. You have to know your numbers.


  • To watch over your site growth and know if you’re getting more page-views and higher quality traffic.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of your campaign performance — you can track what you measure, and change what’s not working while improving on the rest.
  • To find out what your customers are looking for in particular and then revamp your approach so you can give it to them, and-or bring more of it to their attention.
  • To drive your sales. (See above.)
  • To get enough data to improve your site design and internal navigation, thereby getting more people to stay and buy.

You can’t be accurate if you don’t measure things, you can’t take measures without data, and you can’t improve if you don’t know how much you need to change to improve, or what to improve in particular. Continue reading Measuring Web Metrics And ROI

Web Traffic Analysis – A Basic Overview

31 July 2013, by A. Cedilla

Here’s the thing: your website provides your business’s face to the online community, i.e everybody who clicks onto your site on purpose or by mistake.

For the ones who clicked on purpose, your web site is also the gateway to knowing about your products, services and business. They were looking for something in particular, and found your site, which is a good thing.

  • Even better, the more visitors you get, the higher the traffic.
  • Best of all, the more traffic, the more data you have to squeeze for information about your visitors, and what you can do to clinch the sale and make a profit.

Think of how much you can glean from people’s behavior online. On the surface, they look around, poke into a few corners, maybe download a free report (the equivalent of getting flyers). Some may sign up for a newsletter, others browse, and still other buy something and leave. To use the information they leave behind, you need to ask good questions, you need a record of their activities, and you need a tool to analyze those records.

  • Where do they look first, where do they linger and for how long at those pages?
  • What did they do while they were there and what did they look at in particular?


What can you extrapolate from the web log files?
Traffic analysis software can help in profiling and tailoring targeted responses to your visitors, and is a valuable tool in maximizing and optimization your website for sales, email capture and lead generation

Not only does tech let you establish an online presence, but it can help you find out more about the people drawn in by that presence. Getting more data means you can refine your products and practices for continuous improvement, and have the eyes to spot incoming trends that will affect your business, adjusting to meet and roll with the tides. Continue reading Web Traffic Analysis – A Basic Overview

Top Two Free Traffic Building Methods

If you want get and direct more traffic to your squeeze page, this segment will cover 2 ways you can do so: article and forum marketing. At the end our goal is to give you enough information to help you gain more visitors to your site, help your sales and boost the traffic to your squeeze page. And you can do this all with no money down.

Article marketing is the marketing method where you submit original articles, which as a rule are composed of 400-500 words, to article directories. It’s a very good traffic-generating approach: aside from the fact that many excellent article directories are free, the more high-quality articles you write, the better your odds of getting attention because of the quality of your work, attention that then can be redirected to your site.

When people uses article marketing, the generally use it for promotional means: pushing an affiliate product, for example. As a secondary (and even better) side-effect, article marketing is excellent for list building, because readers (without having to commit anything) get free, useful content, which enhances click through to your site, and attract potential subscribers. Article marketing is one great method to attract subscribers to your squeeze page, but not the only free one. Continue reading Top Two Free Traffic Building Methods

5 Basic Things To Include in Your Newsletters

In a previous article, How To Engage Your Newsletter Readers , we went over important factors to consider when you want to keep the people on your hard-earned mailing lists. In this installment, we’ll share 5 of the basic bits of information you can share with them.

Aside from the worry about the time you need to invest in setting up and creating engaging content for your newsletter, even if you think you’re gong to run out of things to share, there are very basic (some may say essential) subjects you can stick to that can help you greatly in keeping your readers reading, and save you work in plotting out what to say.

If you only share information that helps them, the scheduling can be adjusted to whenever you have useful information, like software updates, special offers and ‘Coming Soon’ events. You don’t need to flood your mailing list with updates on everything you’re doing (you can use Twitter for that) and there’s less pressure on keeping to a hard schedule of ‘publication’. Continue reading 5 Basic Things To Include in Your Newsletters

How To Engage Your Newsletter Readers

Give them what they want, what’s useful, what’s entertaining — in that order.

Look at it from the other side: if you’re even remotely internet savvy, your inbox is layered with filters that shoot incoming mails to different folders. Anything with “SALE”, “FREE”, “Trial” or even “Work” gets shot down to the trashcan. Any email you send to your subscribers with these keywords can get you filtered out, unless you prove from the start that what you write is worthy to land in the inbox from the start.

Things to bear in mind: Speed, succinctness and impact. Important information comes first, in easily digestible chunks that explain its importance. Things to balance: frequency, relevance and entertainment. Short, sweet emails that share new information in a bulleted format can come with more frequency than longer, chattier newsletters. Above all: value, value, value

People are all too often pressed for time to read through everything that lands in their inbox. Your e-newsletters should be stick to giving useful information about your products (tips and shortcuts, newbie advice), late-breaking industry trends and developments etc., things you believe will only help your subscribers. Continue reading How To Engage Your Newsletter Readers

Optimizing Directory Submissions

It’s easier now to pick a low-cost and effective way to promote your products and increase your visibility via the Internet. Aside from newsletters, podcasts and free ebooks, another way to do this is to write articles for your website, and then submit them to article directories.

Directory submission is simply posting your business-related articles on article directory sites, usually with a signature or ‘author box’ that contains a back-link pointing to your site. With every article you post, you increase the chances of interested people reading your article and visiting your site to see what else they might find interesting there.

So, more visitors = higher traffic = more publicity. And unless you’re paying for someone to ghost-write the articles, you don’t have to shell out much of your carefully budgeted money.

At this point, you probably know about SEO (search engine optimization) practices and how the careful use of keywords can up your page-rank in the search engine results. Via directory submission, you can post keyword rich articles that link back to your website by means of the resource information. Continue reading Optimizing Directory Submissions

Making Real Money With Traffic Generation

In the process of looking for better ways to make money with your website, you probably have come across assorted techniques to do so in articles and forums on-line. Most of them are freely offered, while some are only alluded to, and actually using them would require a fee of some sort.

Now, when you’re first starting out in e-commerce or internet marketing, it’s because a) you want more money or b) you don’t have enough money and you’re trying to make more. This requires you to hold onto the funds you do have and be craftier in picking the best free methods out there to boost your website traffic. But sometimes, even the best methods out there have little tricks behind the scenes that aren’t available to the general public.

Article Writing
It’s included in every top 10 list out there on boosting web traffic: “Content Is King. So make sure you have lots of content, and after defining your niche, make sure your articles have all of the proper keywords in them before you submit them to the various article directories in your market.” Continue reading Making Real Money With Traffic Generation